Karriär hos Medlo

Kul att du hittat hit! Här på Medlo arbetar för att förbättra vårdbemanning. Vi letar alltid efter duktiga utvecklare.


Just nu letar vi efter en specifik roll:

1. Front-End utvecklare

1. Front-End Utvecklare

About Medlo

Medlo is a Health-Tech startup based in central Stockholm. The company has developed a market defining SaaS platform for managing temporary healthcare professionals.

Medlo's web based application allows caregivers to gather all of their staffing companies, assignments and hired healthcare staff into one place.

Medlo is the leading player in the market - with some of Sweden's largest healthcare providers as customers. Our rapid growth is set to accelerate further and therefore we need to find more highly skilled full-time developers. 


Key responsibilities

In the role of a front-end developer you will have the main responsibility for user experience, design and front-end development. You are expected to make impactful decisions on a weekly basis – defining the user experience of the application. There will be a core team of  experienced developers that you will work together with in solving problems and improving the application - with the aim of building a product so fantastic that it reshapes the entire market.

Your experience

You should have been working in the web industry for at least +5 years and have the skills and will to take on a big role in a fast growing company.


We are looking for someone with:

  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • Understanding of the NPM ecosystem with third-party modules

  • A strong sense for design and user experience

  • The feeling that everything can be improved

It would be a plus if you have:

  • Experience in Angular or other front-end frameworks/libraries

  • Worked with Typescript

  • Have personal projects to show, regardless if you are proud of them or not

  • Start-up experience

Other points:

  • It is required that you hold a EU/Swedish citizenship and are allowed to work in Sweden


Does this sound like a job for you?

Interviews are ongoing so send us your application today! career@medlo.se.